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In memory victims of criminals Anonymous
Children, youngs, women…
If you don’t have anything to die, not worth living
Fight! One Ethical: Defender Children
If you are really Anonymous, then combat CP!
In 4chan.org, Anonymous believe they’ll push the button to start World War III,
meanwhile the bastards are having fun with innocent and naive people,
specially children: child porn, suicides, fear, terrorism, Sexual Violations

Confidential Report: Anonymous is the same 4chan.org/b/

 The Plot against Google+ 

Theirs tentacles ranging from murderers, rapists, child pornographers, grooming and scammers to advertising services like Adsense.
ANONYMOUS does not evolve, ANONYMOUS has degenerated in TROLL   HANDLED THAT ALMOST EVERYONE for sex life, they’re the hyenas of the Internet, they live to eat carrion
Rules in 4chan.org

1. All women or girls are whores 
2. Child pornography is essential like the air
3. All boys are potential suicide & stimulatable
3. Girls and boys are potential “objects of sexual pleasure”
4. To destroy  lives in Facebook is national sport 
5. To destroy  young talents or funny child in youtube is orgasmic (fapping)
6.  It’s legal to scam Adsense (taliban guys), illegal is to be honest
7. An hero is who uploading pics, gif or links killing or violating children
8. Anonymous is a perfect deformation of bastard, nothing was before 
9. Today Anonymous is shameful, it’s the worts of the bad
10. Yesterday Anonymous was respectable, today negligible 
11. Tomorrow ridiculous and criminalized
Link: http://www.4chan.org/
Ref: the wikipedia garbage about 4chan
Owner: Christopher Poole (AKA Moot)


4chan.org IP:
4chan.org Is Hosted by Got Web Host

Hosting: Got Web Host host the domain 4chan.org
IP Address:
Name Servers: ns1.4chan.org, ns2.mydyndns.org, ns3.mydyndns.org, 
s4.mydyndns.org, ns5.mydyndns.org
Advertising company:
The other secret…
In the bowels of the false legion.
They devour their flesh rotting
They are in constant orgie with child porn images
They shit in their mouths every second of their misery
They are zombies looking for a decent life in a landfill
Their laughter, as the pseudo-penis is equal to intelligence vomited

Legion, in home: /b/ RANDOM…







WHERE IS “Wolf’s Two Cents” BOY?
“THIS IS OPERATION WOLF! By Anonymous from 4chan”
Fucking trolls Anonymous 04/25/11(Mon)10:08:58

Report to:
FBI fbi@service.govdelivery.com
Royal Canadian Mounted Police nsin_risn@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
Youtube service@youtube.com
Admin 4chan.org admin@4chan.org, moot@4chan.org
CyberTipline Missing Children International
Nothing response
** boy missing 
** Accounts hacked, Fraud AdSense instaled
** Twitter deactivated since first attack on April
Comments in Videos: racism, grooming, bullyng, terrorism:
Introducing: Wolf’s Two Cents
Wolf’s Two Cents: School!
Wolf’s Two Cents: Answers 1
Thread: http://boards.4chan.org/b/res/324971212


The Hoax & fraud against AdSense



Official blog thread! Fraud AdSense
Tactical: $$ Anonymous! It’s time b!  Post your blogs.  
The Hoax & fraud against AdSense


Tactical: $$ Anonymous! It’s time b!  Post your blogs.  
The Hoax & fraud against AdSense



>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:49:57 No.339903632
File1310294997.jpg-(709 KB, 1200×1200, 1310293686617.jpg)
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More info

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:52:59 No.339903932
File1310295179.png-(1.07 MB, 1284×1096, 1310293121101.png)
1.07 MB

moar info

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:57:25 No.339904385


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:01:54 No.339904848


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:05:30 No.339905172

comon no bloggers here? what`s going on?

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:15:45 No.339906269


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:16:47 No.339906377

comments and follows please
returning favors

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:17:52 No.339906481

turn off captcha in your blog

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:19:20 No.339906622


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:20:16 No.339906704

everyday im bumpin’

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:21:56 No.339906865

ad clicks comments follows please ill return all favours

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:22:17 No.339906904

turned off.
BTW I can`t see my followers, anyone know why ? (it just shows me a blank page)

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:22:32 No.339906932
File1310296952.jpg-(71 KB, 1008×756, 360335213.jpg)
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bump with some ass

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:23:07 No.339906984

Did you activate your account (click on link you got in your email)?

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:24:50 No.339907136

started at 6 views, still gonna spam till im tired enough to sleep. Your welcome.

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:26:06 No.339907269


yeh dont worry i cant see my followers either, it happens sometimes dont worry

also not posting my link until this gets 10+ blogs, i got clickbombed posting here before

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:26:31 No.339907317

Didn`t get any email from blogger besides the emails that I got commented. o:

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:27:18 No.339907393

Yeah me too,i said NO CLICKS and got my ctr fucked up

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:28:51 No.339907535

ah i thought you were talking about twitter..
Turn on Javascript in your browser

>>  !.X9p7owdWI 07/10/11(Sun)07:30:29 No.339907688

textuploader DOT com/?p=6&id=M7ewK

Need comments, views, followers and a few clicks. I return everything.

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:31:03 No.339907743

explain to me how me clicking f5 800+ times in the past 3 minutes is helping you make money please…

>>  !.X9p7owdWI 07/10/11(Sun)07:32:29 No.339907887


correction, no clicks

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:33:29 No.339907976

had like 36% CTR because I had like 20 clicks and 5 views or something like that, that went down to 9% now thou, so its all good.
It`s helping me get many because if I`ll stay with high CTR for a long time I might get banned :3

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:37:11 No.339908306

ok quick question, how many of you in this thread have actually been paid?

I have been paid twice now pic related, but just curious to see if im the only one

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:38:15 No.339908406


can I have some clicks? (not too much, need only about 6 clicks, so click 1 link and thats it)

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:38:53 No.339908463
File1310297933.png-(28 KB, 1198×175, adsens1e.png)
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woops pic is here

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:39:48 No.339908556


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:43:37 No.339908930

I didn`t get paid yet, just started yestarday o:
I just figured out I wrote my name in english which isn`t the main language here at my contry.. so I hope I`ll still get paid O_o

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:43:40 No.339908934


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:48:18 No.339909399


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:55:46 No.339910112



The Real-Life Tumult Of An Online Meme

Jessi Slaughter

JULY 7–As prosecutors prepare to try the father of “Jessi Slaughter” for assaulting his daughter, police records provide a glimpse at the real-life tumult triggered by the underage Internet meme’s online activities.
In February, Gene Leonhardt, 53, was arrested for striking his 12-year-old daughter, who told Florida police that she had been arguing with her father when he “punched her, causing her to have a bloody and swollen lips.” Leonhardt, pictured at right, is scheduled to appear next week in Circuit Court for a status conference on his felony case.
Marion County Sheriff’s Office records show that deputies first contacted the girl–who used the “Slaughter” alias online–and her parents last year after learning that she may have posted a topless photo of herself online. During an initial “well-being check,” Leonhardt claimed that “someone had photo-shopped his daughter’s head onto someone else’s body.”
When an anonymous caller contacted cops to say that the girl was on various web sites, including 4chan, “advising she had nude photographs of herself,”police again visited her home. Her parents, who said they had received numerous threatening phone calls, told a cop that their daughter claimed that “someone must have hacked in to their computer and put all this information on the web about her.” A deputy, though, explained that the girl “is on several websites and advised them some of the material relating to their daughter is of a sexual nature.”
One sheriff’s report indicates that a local police chief told of receiving several e-mails from individuals concerned about the girl. Additionally, the chief noted that her department had “worked several calls” relating to bogus orders being placed at Pizza Hut for delivery to the child’s home. The orders totaled about $2800.
When a child welfare worker visited the Leonhardt home with a cop, the girl became irate and “threw a temper tantrum” after they suggested the juvenile’s access to the Internet be terminated. If that occurred, the girl said, “she will lose her fame, and that she will get to the Internet one way or another.” Before threatening to “stick a butcher knife in the DCF worker’s ass,” the girl claimed that, “if she does not get on the Internet, she has nothing else to live for,” a deputy noted.
The child’s parents, the deputy stated, “were catering to the juvenile as if she had done nothing wrong,” despite the fact that the girl has posted photos of herself posing in “provocative positions.” The girl herself told an investigator that, “the most important thing in her life at this time is to make number one on some list on which she is currently 67 out of 100, and that her main goal is to be famous on the Internet, and for her name to be a household name throughout the country.”
The child’s quest for online fame drew the scorn of 4chan visitors who targeted her for the kind of bullying and retribution for which the anarchic site is known. In response to that harassment campaign, the girl filmed a teary response video that included a cameo by her unhinged father. Yelling, Leonhardt warned trolls that “you done goofed,” and that he had reported them “to the cyberpolice.” He added that, “Consequences will never be the same.”
The girl’s online notoriety, records show,resulted in a bomb scare at her school, when a box addressed to her was delivered to the principal’s office. The bomb squad determined that the package “only contained other Postal Service boxes.”  
In early-February, deputies again responded to the girl’s home after receiving an anonymous complaint that she had posted a Facebook message claiming to have overdosed on medications.
A sheriff’s deputy was met at the front door by Leonhardt, who was “screaming and yelling” at the investigator. “I was told by your supervisors you guys would not be out here anymore investigating anonymous complaints.” The girl’s mother also appeared “and began yelling” that the deputy “had no right being at their residence.”
When questioned, the girl said that she was “feeling suicidal at the time and depressed but I’m not now.” One of her parents then said, “See it was a mistake and you’re out here for no reason,” before shutting the door.
Despite that reassurance, deputies took custody of the girl pursuant to the state’s Baker Act, which allows for the involuntary examination of someone who has threatened to harm themselves. This triggered one of the girl’s parents to begin yelling, “I want that female officer’s name because I’m putting in a formal complaint against her. I want her job.” The child was eventually returned to her family after it was determined that she did not intend to harm herself.
A week later, on February 17, Leonhardt was arrested for allegedly punching his daughter in the mouth during an argument at their Dunnellon home. A deputy reported that the girl had “bloody and swollen lips” and minor cuts inside her mouth. Leonhardt told cops that he “slapped” the child after she punched him in the mouth. He also claimed his daughter was wearing “theatrical blood.” (7 pages)
Download Documents 7 Pages Report Maron County



/b/ RANDOM Child porn, grooming, adsense fraud, drugs business…