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The Hoax & fraud against AdSense



>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:49:57 No.339903632
File1310294997.jpg-(709 KB, 1200×1200, 1310293686617.jpg)
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More info

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:52:59 No.339903932
File1310295179.png-(1.07 MB, 1284×1096, 1310293121101.png)
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moar info

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)06:57:25 No.339904385


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:01:54 No.339904848


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:05:30 No.339905172

comon no bloggers here? what`s going on?

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:15:45 No.339906269


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:16:47 No.339906377

comments and follows please
returning favors

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:17:52 No.339906481

turn off captcha in your blog

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:19:20 No.339906622


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:20:16 No.339906704

everyday im bumpin’

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:21:56 No.339906865

ad clicks comments follows please ill return all favours

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:22:17 No.339906904

turned off.
BTW I can`t see my followers, anyone know why ? (it just shows me a blank page)

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:22:32 No.339906932
File1310296952.jpg-(71 KB, 1008×756, 360335213.jpg)
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bump with some ass

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:23:07 No.339906984

Did you activate your account (click on link you got in your email)?

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:24:50 No.339907136

started at 6 views, still gonna spam till im tired enough to sleep. Your welcome.

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:26:06 No.339907269


yeh dont worry i cant see my followers either, it happens sometimes dont worry

also not posting my link until this gets 10+ blogs, i got clickbombed posting here before

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:26:31 No.339907317

Didn`t get any email from blogger besides the emails that I got commented. o:

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:27:18 No.339907393

Yeah me too,i said NO CLICKS and got my ctr fucked up

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:28:51 No.339907535

ah i thought you were talking about twitter..
Turn on Javascript in your browser

>>  !.X9p7owdWI 07/10/11(Sun)07:30:29 No.339907688

textuploader DOT com/?p=6&id=M7ewK

Need comments, views, followers and a few clicks. I return everything.

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:31:03 No.339907743

explain to me how me clicking f5 800+ times in the past 3 minutes is helping you make money please…

>>  !.X9p7owdWI 07/10/11(Sun)07:32:29 No.339907887


correction, no clicks

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:33:29 No.339907976

had like 36% CTR because I had like 20 clicks and 5 views or something like that, that went down to 9% now thou, so its all good.
It`s helping me get many because if I`ll stay with high CTR for a long time I might get banned :3

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:37:11 No.339908306

ok quick question, how many of you in this thread have actually been paid?

I have been paid twice now pic related, but just curious to see if im the only one

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:38:15 No.339908406


can I have some clicks? (not too much, need only about 6 clicks, so click 1 link and thats it)

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:38:53 No.339908463
File1310297933.png-(28 KB, 1198×175, adsens1e.png)
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woops pic is here

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:39:48 No.339908556


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:43:37 No.339908930

I didn`t get paid yet, just started yestarday o:
I just figured out I wrote my name in english which isn`t the main language here at my contry.. so I hope I`ll still get paid O_o

>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:43:40 No.339908934


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:48:18 No.339909399


>>  Anonymous 07/10/11(Sun)07:55:46 No.339910112