BRUTAL:  “integrity violators”, Anonymous says about baby!
Wherre are the admins?
Pederast and child pornographers are in /b

 Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:50:17 No.326185179
     File1304286617.gif-(1.53 MB, 196×160, 1302055292545.gif)
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and if you don’t stop white knighting and providing the good citizens of 4chan with disinformation, we will never let you sleep you son of a bitch

there’s one thing I don’t like, and that’s integrity violators

>>  Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:50:52 No.326185295

910 megs?
No working password?
The fuck?

>>  Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:51:36 No.326185419


Free virus

>>  Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:52:20 No.326185548
     File1304286740.gif-(1.32 MB, 235×138, 1293475436783.gif)
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integrity violation

kiss your sweet little ass goodbye

>>  Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:53:17 No.326185716

More Please!

>>  Anonymous 05/01/11(Sun)17:53:23 No.326185739

op is a greedy sick bastard