Ref: Pedotube Canales eliminados!

Reporte David CIA-P, seguimiento a canales de youtube y blogpost de boylover y pederastas.

From: David CIA-P
Date: 2010/5/6
Subject: YouTube close accounts of boylover paedophiles
To: Joshua

​Hey Joshua,

Here’s some good news for you! These paedophiles have been kicked off YouTube and had their accounts suspended for promoting paedophilia and “boylove”. Good riddence to them too!
“This account is closed.”
“This account is suspended.”
“This account is suspended.”
“This account is suspended.”
“The blog you were looking for was not found”
“This content has been removed because it violates our Terms of Service.”

You see, everyone is getting sick and tired of these paedophiles and the world knows exactly what these monsters mean by “boy-love”, “Girl-love” and “child-love”. The only thing a paedophile truly loves more than child pornography is to molest children, stealing their innocence forever!!