Poco a poco iremos ganando terreno; han sido años de lucha, la meta aún está muy lejos, los idiomas no son una barrera importante, como demostramos esta vez; seguir adelante es lo que nos toca ahora, con más y más fuerza, porque hay en este momento millones de niños y niñas que como Duncan, nuestro estandarte, siguen padeciendo el horror del abuso sexual.
A él, a Duncan, a esos, los angelitos caídos, en su cielo breve y triste, por siempre…

From: David xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.net
Date: 2009/8/13
Subject: Galleries closed
To: antipedofilia.org@gmail.com

Hi Joshua,

I know you caused quite a stir at IMGSRC.RU and that Skinny Bravo can’t stand you. Well, you get the “last laugh”. That website has been under investigation by Interpol, The Russian Duma, the FBI, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The Russians finally signed to the INHOPE global hotline against child sexual abuse in April afetr recieving numerous tips from the IWF. Those tips were supplied by me. Same with the FBI and AFP.

There is now a website that you can report to the Russians directly, and it’s in English too. That website is:


The following galleries have been closed, the accounts locked out, the contents siezed then deleted and the owners under investigation:



There are many more, but I can’t remember them all. Those were the main ones that Skinny seemed to favour and protect, but it doesn’t matter. He’s under pressure as his hosting company http://masterhost.ru signed on to support the child porn hotline!! Go check out those galleries, and then smile to yourself and say “I beat you, you bastards!”



XXXXxxx.net Communications Center